Deb Nun
This is what's important to me!
"Happy Times"? You betcha!

If the candidate opposing Rory Olsen in Harris County Probate Court #3 had excessive body hair, could only grunt, and dragged their knuckles on the ground when walking, they would still be the best choice.  The public that buys your newspaper has the right to know about what Judge Olsen's version of probate is, who he serves, his concept of the 'rule of law'.

I have only been victimized in his probate, but it horrifies me to think about what he must do in mental health court.  I thought I had suffered the worst traumas that I could experience in my life already; I have been hit head on by a drunk, I lost a child, three of my best friends had died, I had grown up with divorced parents, a jealous, greedy, deceitful, hateful step father AND his three kids- I was a battered wife... I'll stop there!  NONE of those destroyed me like what I still live with from being in the hands of Rory Olsen.

I once had a great fear of street gangs. One of my life long friends was Joel Congdon; He worked for the Chronicle, too.  He was a photo tech. Check your archives- May, 1994. My childhood pal and neighbor was butchered for $6.00.
The D.A.'s office did good (Joe Ownsby? Asst. DA) so I was able to find closure for losing Joel.

My mother died in 2004. What I did not want to believe I have been forced to accept as "how it works" in Harris County Probate Courts.  EVERYTHING I had thought was honorable, professional, and true about our justice system is GONE. No matter what my step father started, it would not have been possible BUT FOR all his lawyers. No matter what the lawyers did, it would not have been possible BUT FOR Judge Rory R Olsen.

I am certain that whatever has been stolen from me I am proud of keeping the only thing that was not possible to take from me, only because for them to take it I would have had to give it up.  It is the one thing NO ONE else has that I do and I will keep- 'CLEAN HANDS'!

I had no reservations about hiring Teresa Scardino to defend me against the step-father's lawyers. I truly believed with all my heart it was an expense that would help my family to find closure without hurting any of us anymore.  I did not care abut what mother left here in Texas to me in her Will like I care about our family farm in Nebraska.  Now I see if I had been looking out for me, I would never have stayed here to try and settle Texas first. If I had gone to Nebraska, I would not have reason to be writing this.

I never have been so utterly hated, assaulted, deceived, betrayed, and manipulated as with the "way it works" here in Harris County Texas by those so wicked they use that COURT to get what they value above all else. How pitiful that is to love money so much they are willing to destroy an entire family to take it. The hardest thing to believe is why there was not enough money to earn legitimately??? I like money too. Money is great; We should all have stacks of it...But I do not like it more than all else, or want money so much I will do anything to have more more more.....That is as cold blooded as whatever drugs drove those gangbanger hood rats that killed my friend Joel, isn't it???

But I believe the Court gangsters are worse because they have no excuse or reason except they wanted to! None of them are hungry, homeless, stupid, jobless, or kids. What savage beasts they are, so safe there in your city. My mother was a life long Republican, too. Do Republicans feed on their dead? It seems they do.

I am going to sand you some public documents from my experience... Do whatever you wish; read them, share them, have a laugh, hit delete and pretend you don't know this now... But do have a great day!


PS Sorry I didn't have time to talk about the TAX FRAUD Judge Olsen & his friends say is 'N/A'.....